This page lists certain aspects of Nursing that are of Interest.

Nursing is an art. In order to take care of patients you must take care of yourself first. 

Take some time during the first few weeks of school to care for yourself. Practice one technique that may help to relieve stress.  Some ideas:  Walk after dinner for 20 minutes, play with your kids in the park, go see a movie, hug your loved one.  !!!

You have now made it to week #7.  Take a deep breath and realize what you have accomplished.

November 26th!!!-  Wow you are almost there!!!  After your final exams give yourself some "down" time. 

A nurse always stays up-to-date with the material you must know to safely care for patients. 


Finals Week-  Think of all you have learned this semester!!!  Reflect on what you have learned about yourself

this semester and how you have grown.!









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