Please view this website frequently for updates that may affect the class.

This is your Website for the VN-75 Course.  Instructor: Christine Dunn

Bakersfield College Nursing Department is dedicated to student success!

Review your syllabus and the assignments for VN-75.

You must bring your powerpoints with you to class.

Remember to look at and study the chapter review at the end of the chapters.  This has vital information that will help you understand what was in the specific chapter.

Complete the NCLEX-PN Exam preparation at the end of each chapter. This will help you to better understand the content in the chapters as well.

You will be required to read in your ATI review module every week. You can start in the review module with unit 1 and unit 7

August 21st 2012- In order to get into nurse logic you must have an access key and code. We will go over this wednesday.


August 22nd- Have a good weekend!  Good first week. 


 August 22nd- You will need chapter 25 powerpoint for Monday August 27th class.


August 28th-  Group six is the winner!!!  They only missed one question on Monday.  More good news, out of all the other groups none missed more than three questions!!!  Good job everyone on our first set of NCLEX questions.

August 29th- Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!


September 5th- Exam 1 scores are up in Engrade!!. Please review if you have less than 80% make an appointment with me for remediation prior to September 12, 2012. We are moving on to week #4, good job everyone!!!


 September 26th- Here we Go!!!

Almost finished with week #6.  Good job!

Make sure you review chapter 44 and answer the objectives this weekend.


October 8th-  You have made it to week 8, you are half way there!!!!  Start completing your class outline for exam 4 which is October 17th.!


October 8th- Those of you needing remediation for exam 3, please come and see me wednesday october 10th prior to class!

October 29th- You are almost finished with week 11!!! 

Great work everyone, exam 5 will be given on October 31st Halloween. !!!


November 26th- Well, we are almost there only one more day of class.  Good job everyone on your two lab days this month.  I hope you were able to apply what you learned in class to the laboratory setting!!! 

Last Exam November 28th!!!

Final exam Tuesday December 4th at 0800!!!!

Have a Safe and relaxing Winter Break!!!










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